Noom Mood's Five Sure-fire Steps Toward Stress Relief

Noom has more than a decade of experience in assisting clients to reach their health and weight-loss goals, and access more joy and inner peace along the way. Stress reduction is key to achieving a more balanced you, unlocking any stifled inner exuberance, and attaining wellness of being that permeates both mind and body. Here are five of Noom’s top steps toward helping you to identify, manage, and shift, the stress in your life.

Accept that when it comes to our experience of stress, change in life is not only possible, it’s inevitable. Noom’s holistic health and weight-loss programs guide you to become the agent of your own change, and to learn to relieve stress through improved diet, exercise, sleep, and lifestyle habits.

1.Know your type

Take Noom’s free online quiz to identify your specific personality type. Understanding the common characteristics, behavioral patterns, and thought tendencies, associated with your type, can help direct you towards positive change and stress relief.

2.Eat to nourish rather than to gain

Noom’s free online calorie calculator will help quantify your daily calorific needs as determined by age, height, weight, and activity level. If your goal is to lose weight in order to relieve stress, then you’ll need to remain in a calorific deficit, Noom will help you plan your way to better eating.

3.Put yourself first

This may sound obvious, but quite often the habits that cause us stress, such as less-than-optimal diets and lack of alone time, are caused by our failure to prioritize our needs ahead of those of others. Stress accumulates in the body and mind when we take on more than we can handle. Slow down, take a walk in nature, run a bath, sit with music, or in silence. However you choose, make unwinding a priority.

4.Practice gratitude

But I’m stressed, what do I have to be grateful for? Be grateful that you’ve taken the important decision to ask for help in reducing the tension in your mind and body, and allow Noom to show you how.