Travelling creates an exciting opportunity to see the world and observe its fascinating biodiversity. Lake Manyara National Park is located in the East African country of Tanzania and covers an expanse of land which spans a beautiful range of animal habitats.

Why visit Lake Manyara, National Park;

1. The park is remarkable for its concentration of primates

They are amongst the most numerous and widespread species of African primates.

2. It is home to a large number of small animal species

Animals range from insectivores to carnivores which include African wild dogs and hyenas. Many different species of birds also make the park their home including fine hornbills, blue-crested turacos, and golden-winged sunbirds.

3. There are two different sceneries in the park

The sedge lands and wooded savannahs include thick groves of Acacia trees and areas where grasses grow waist-high, as well as lakes and ponds. The term savannah is also used to describe a region home to large animals. Savannas are usually associated with rainfall in Africa.

4. There are many different campsites available

There are good campsites both in the savannah and alongside the lake. Some lodges cater to visitors.

5. It is ideal for those traveling with children

This is due to a large number of animal species present as well as the intense but short-lived frosts which occur at night. The park is also home to many activities that children can enjoy, including swimming in the northern part of Lake Manyara and canoeing on its western shores.

6. It is visited by large numbers of tourists every year

There are around 400,000 visitors annually.

How to get there;


The closest airport is three hours away from the park. It is located on the northern shores of Lake Victoria in the town of Mwanza. The other option is Ndjili International Airport in Kinshasa which could also be used. It takes roughly fifteen hours to drive from these airports to Lake Manyara National Park.