3 Stress Relievers That Can Improve Your Mood

Noom is a platform and mobile app dedicated to the physical and mental health of people. Nowadays, one of the biggest mental health problems is stress. This feeling of physical, mental and emotional tension impoverishes the quality of life of individuals. Stress damages work productivity, interpersonal relationships and inner balance. Noom offers a comprehensive stress relief program that any individual can follow at their own pace.

Here are 3 STRESS RELIEVERS that can improve your mood.

1-Psychological support lessons

Noom offers psychological support lessons that everyone can follow at their own pace. The lessons are focused on developing coping mechanisms to help deal with stress. The program guides the individual to take control of their thoughts and emotions so that they feel at peace with themselves. Once the individual feels empowered they learn to worry less and sleep better each night. The ultimate goal is to feel happy with oneself.

2-Mindfulness-based techniques

The program offers a set of techniques based on mindfulness practice that helps to have control of emotions and thoughts. Mindfulness is a discipline that focuses the mind on the present time to enjoy most of the sensations that are experienced here and now. This practice offers ideas and skills that can be applied right now. This is one of the most powerful STRESS RELIEVERS to maintain mental balance in the face of complex circumstances.

3-Study guide

Noom platform offers a study guide that you can follow at your own pace. This guide aims to motivate you to feel good about yourself every day. This guide is adapted to the personal situation of each individual, as each person is unique. The platform provides a personal coach who guides the individual to good stress management, prioritizing above all the inner balance. Each user chooses the support he needs, in order to feel secure throughout the process.