It’s hard to stay on trend these days! Between new beauty products coming out every day and celebrities’ changing hairstyles, it can be tough to keep up.

But don’t worry, we’re here to help. We’ve found the best beauty tech gadgets taking over Instagram and other social media platforms, so you can stay in the know without spending a second Googling or scrolling through endless hashtags.

Whether you’re looking for cheap beauty gadgets at major retailers or if you’re in need of a new, must-have staple, we’ve got all your needs covered.

*EMBRACE THE TRUTH: The original and best formula that’s been developed to give you a natural-looking, flawlessly glowing complexion. Milk Makeup’s entire line can be found online at Pictured above: Milk Makeup in Warm Brown on model Chloe Baresi.

*THE PORE-LIMITING PRODUCT OF THE YEAR: Introducing pore-perfecting technology and targeted extraction for a lift that’s like no other. That’s right, you’re about to get a face-flattening peel that helps minimize the appearance of pores. Yes, it’s a miracle worker.

*USE IT IN THE MORNING FOR GREAT GLOW: The “trojan horse” of all skin-care products — the primer. This silky, matte formula is designed to give your complexion structure and a protective barrier that locks in moisture.

*PICK A COLOR FOR EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK: Choose from three different shades of matte eyeshadow (matte black, matte olive, or matte brown).

*YOUR NEW BFF…VIBRATING MAKEUP BRUSH: The E+CO Beauty Sponge vibrates to blend liquid, cream, and powder formulas into a flawless base. Available now at and select retailers nationwide

. Pictured above: E+CO Beauty Sponge.

*YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MANY SHADES OF BRONZER: Not only does the Laura Mercier Creamy Concealer give you 24 hours of coverage, but it’s also the perfect formula to match your skin tone, so you can walk out the door with a finish that doesn’t go on too dark or too orange. Available at and select retailers nationwide.