Best Coaching Sessions For Every Trainer

Becoming a certified and well-educated physical trainer is harder than it seems. It requires dedication, many hours of study, and participation in educational seminars and sessions to expand knowledge and obtain an acknowledged certification. NASM has created the ideal programs for this cause and here is a list of our suggestions:

1. Corrective Exercise Specialization (CES)- Premium Self Study

A well-organized session that completes training instructors’ knowledge. Focusing mainly on correcting your clients’ posture and body coordination which leads to injury prevention and maximum results. The specially designed online platform allows you to study anywhere, and multiple tasks and quizzes prepare you for acing the final exam.

2. Behavior Change Specialization (BCS)

A trainer’s knowledge should not limit only to practical exercises. Behavioral change and motivational skills are key ingredients for a successful trainer. The ability to identify and assess the clients’ beneficial lifestyle changes and persuade them, is cultivated through an interesting session of NESM.

3. Performance Enhancement Specialization- All Inclusive

An all-inclusive program that masters your knowledge of sports performance, psychology, sports nutrition, and ergogenic aids. With a new hard-copy textbook to accompany the online one, lecture videos and multiple tests, this session is definitely a must.

4. NASM Certified Nutrition Coach

A state-of-the-art program when it comes to nutrition and fitness knowledge. This seminar focuses on individualizing every client and delivering top-quality nutrition advice to each one. To maintain the certification, the online exam must be taken every 2 years, as nutrition education is a continuing process.

5. CPR/AED Certification Online, Powered by ASTI

A certified online course that prepares you to design and lead a group fitness class. Essential knowledge of exercises and nutrition as well as training on modalities is passed on. Adaptation of special clients such as pregnant women or older-aged people is very important and analyzed extensively in this course.

6. Certified Personal Trainer All-Inclusive Program

The most complete and thorough program is designed by NESM to optimize your knowledge and get you fully prepared for your final exam, where failure is not an option. Featuring weekly online assignments and tasks for fitness training services as well as a live experience of eighty hours with actual fitness clients, this session is definitely one of our best options.